Lobster - aragosta

" If you have, one day, the privilege of venturing the deep sea, you'll witness a breathtaking sight made of fishes, sea fans, sea sponges and other thousands of sea species, whose charming and magnetic colors will take you to a limbo made of peace and overwhelming silence - down there, you will accomplish the most natural balance of your soul.

And it's throught this perception of seemingly inaccessible beatitude that the author's work intends to catch the visitor's eye: the lobster here displayed is not a mere synonym of static plant tissue which has been deprived of its natural environment, but rather its acts as the messenger of that peace and overwhelming silence which are solely perceivable once man runs into the deep of extraordinarily clear waters: there reigns supreme Mother Nature, in front of which us humans are nothing but very ordinary spectators." 


Hotel Holiday Inn Ravenna

Tecnica mista; cm 60 x 90 x 40
Metodo diretto su supporto definitivo
Materiali: Legno, vetro dorato e colorato, perle in vetro di Murano

Scultura in legno trovato al mare rivestito a mosaico